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BusinessCoachingFit4growth ligth version is all about your goals and dreams.
In the 4 weeks this course last you will get different strategies and tools that will help you reach your goals and dreams. We will be working closely together through out the course so you will get the right tools and strategies that works for you.

If you can dream it you can achieve it... If you are willing to work for it. So let's dream big REALLY BIG and let's go to work.
What are your goals and dreams? Professional goals, finansial goals and personal goals.
Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years?
After you get clear on your goals and dreams, we will set mini goals that will make reaching your goals more achievable.

Price $350 for 2 workshops and 4 coaching calls (for more info look above)
Week 1: clear on your goals and dreams
Week 2: Setting up mini goals
Week 3: Strategies and tools
Week 4: Summary of everything we have been working on

Looking forward to seing you there.