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Parenting has taken a new form in this time of crisis. How to keep focus and still be a parent, teacher, counselor and  keep it all together.

This is for parents, single or couple, who finds this time a bit of a challenge.

  • This is a workshop where we will come together as a group supporting on another, adding value to one another and find ways to be creative with our kids.
  • We will look at what makes us feel scared, what makes us feel secured, what can we do to tap into that safe space when we need to.
  •  Coaching calls where we talk about your specific situation
  • We will go through how I can be of support to you throughout this
  • And other topics that will come up during the workshops or the coaching call
  • I will give you small assignments that will help you get clear on where you want to go and how you want to come out on the other side of this crisis
  • You will also have lifetime access to the Facebook page MASTERMIND: COACHING CALLS AND WORKSHOPS
Price $147 for 2 workshops and 4 coaching calls (for more info look above)
The goal of this program is to help you have some tools to get through this without being overwhelmed
Creating a community of support, compassion, and creative ideas
Being able to stay positive throughout this
Having an idea of where you want to go and where you want to be after this crisis
Giving value to one another
Creating along the way a blueprint to have your family come out of this stronger and closer than you were before
And most important having fun along the way

Looking forward to working alongside you