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are hard to solve alone
I want to help you find your inner strength, making you able to live your life to its full potential. Read more

Coaching done right !

People seek to personal consulting for many different reasons. Some seek to find their purpose in life, some wants to find joy in their job or daily routine, while others may have issues with their private life. No matter what you need personal consulting for, there’s a solution. And i want to help you find that. Read more


“Want to fly high like an eagle ?”
Let me help you reach your goals and live the life of your dreams Read more


With personal coaching we will talk you through the barricade in your mind. I will give you “homework” for you to take on until next meeting, as well as personal exercises to strengthen your soul, helping you to take on tomorrow.


Whether you want to find joy in your career, the purpose of your life or simply need personal counseling, I will be available for you to reach your strongest goal. If you have any questions or are in doubt which course to choose please feel to contact me. Together we will find the right solution for you.
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It can be hard to find time for personal coaching and it will in some cases be easiest to do online consulting. It’s possible to do online coaching through Skype, where we’ll go through the same essentials as with personal coaching.


A life in balance

The coaching that I offer is for lifetime
  • Get clear on your goals and dreams.
  • Get strategies and tools you can use for life.
  • Make your dream come true.
  • Personal growth

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About K Hollender Coaching

Kay Hollender

I’m a single mother with 3 children working daily fulltime as an accounts assistant. I have chosen to follow my dream and carry on with the lessons i’ve learned over the past few years. I hope to share my knowledge and help you get back to a happy life.

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Does it really work?

Answer:Short answer: It only works if you work it too. Like anything else it will only work if you are ready and committed to it. If not then it won't work. It doesn´t make you lose weight or get a toned body if you only get a fitness membership card. You actually have to go down to the center and get to workout.

How much time will it take a week?

Answer:Again it depends on you. If you do the daily tasks and submit them in time then my guess would be a few minutes every day. If you do not do the daily tasks then it will take a lot longer to complete the sheets and submit it. Again your results will reflect on your work. I can only guide you but the work is for you to do on your own with me on the sideline as your guide to get through whatever blocks you.

Are you working with other coaches?

Answer:Yes I am, as a coach I need to develop my skills all the time. New ideas, new ways of coaching etc. I will never stop learning new things, cuz I believe that´s important that we always keep growing. As a wise man once said: "If you aren't growing then you're dying" . That goes for everything in life in my opinion.

What strategies are you using?

Answer:That depends on the person I am working with. I will try my best to find the right strategy for every person taking part of my courses. We are all different and therefore we learn in different ways.

What can I expect from the course?

Answer:You can expect to be pushed over your comfort zone, stretch yourself a bit more than you can on your own. Again it depends on the work you put into the course. This is not a quick fix, this is merely a tool to a life changing journey with not only me but an entire community behind you, cheering you on, supporting you along the tuff days cuz they will come. Like anything else some days are easy while others seem like neverending. That's why I have created an entire community around the courses so you are never alone in this.

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